are what really count.


These days, you can expect the totally unexpected.
New ways of thinking, a mobile audience and totally new business models are emerging ...

... with new digital ways of thinking, marketing and communicating.

Customers have more choices, strategy and effective content are essential to grow your business.

This is an age of increasingly mobile, socially-driven "Transmedia" ... a content process and flow that you need to know how to connect with and use effectively. Let Light Fantastic show you how to expand horizons and accelerate revenue in this new and changing world of mobile devices


Finding your brand audiences ... Transmedia strategy

Getting your message across is about finding the "listening ears" of your unique audiences ...usually more than one audience. Smart devices are our remote controls for living and shopping. Social media has transformed how the world connects with brands ...and is changing how we do business from here forward.

The multiplatform world of 2nd and 3rd screens is here, now. Digital user permissions and customer impulses allow immediate connections and transactions no brand can ignore. No matter your industry, all businesses need a clear strategy that brings this branded media capability into a working plan.

Light Fantastic has developed innovative ways of creating brand visibility. Our media work with consumer brands like LumiLor™, Popcorners™, Prudential™, Sun-Maid™ and others has increased brand reach to a whole new world of online branded media and mobile payment options. We advise and help build image for small emerging tech clients ...and help major brand icons like Cantor, Intel, Merrill Lynch, Prudential and Sony update both image and social connections to new audiences of customers. Ad agencies from Arnold to Lowe to Y&R have turned to us for creative and inventive visual brand experiences.

One current focus is on LumiLor™, an exciting, patented electroluminescent (EL) coating from Darkside Scientific that is lighting up the future! This new "electric paint" will change the way we think about both paint and light. With the ability to electronically control surface lighting and special effects, stay tuned as Light Fantastic Studios helps build the LumiLor brand and introduces "we paint with light" to the worlds of media, art, design, entertainment, live events and architecture.

Light Fantastic understands the Transmedia mix and can build a strategy around you ...and how your business works. We work closely with clients to develop new social "listening" and response technologies. These capabilities allow brand clients to look over the horizon and make intelligent brand image choices quickly. It's not just watching the analytics ... it's anticipating trends and connecting smartly with your key brand influencers.

Together we can create unique and dynamic user "experiences" for your brand as a strategic media team that delivers proven branded communication solutions.

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