Light Fantastic Studios strategic partners are proven best-of-breed solution providers that assure expertise in every aspect of projects that we develop.

Our veteran teams combine the latest in digital tools and advanced visual tech with creative branded entertainment design & production. Our effective partner strategy assures that each client gets a genuine return on any media investment.

What you need is precisely what you get.

Forge Media and Design is an innovative design, animation and media technology team based in Toronto who have worked with Light Fantastic Studios on a variety of digital projects. The creative and collaborative energies at Forge have added such value to our efforts that we have decided to join as a collaborative creative force... Forge New York.

Our partnership with award winning animation powerhouse Synthespian Studios enables us to offer world class 3D character animation to select client projects. From "The Matrix", "Stargate" and "X-Men", Synthespians has set the 3D animation standard for 2 decades. Combined with the exciting interactive emerging technology capabilities that Light Fantastic Studios offers, we're exploring imaginative new approaches to advertising, entertainment and learning.

Mercury Media

Mercury Media Limited in Hong Kong is strategically partnered with Light Fantastic to assist their growing Asian clientele to market in North America. Mercury is also a vital resource to Light Fantastic North American clients expanding in China. As the global business world is shifting to social media intelligence, Mercury Media adds unique digital engagement strategies to Asian focused marketing and PR processes. Together, Light Fantastic and Mercury Media offer a comprehensive range of US-Asian business services spanning mobile app development, social media marketing, online advertising and cross cultural marketing communications.

ZStrata is Light Fantastic's principal information technology and application development partner. Creating "enabling platforms" for business is at the core of ZStratas strength. At the heart of ZStrata technology is MarketFronts™, a dynamic trading and transaction platform with advanced content management features.

The ZStrata mission is to provide a higher level of interactive applications to businesses seeking to integrate electronic commerce. The Team at ZStrata LLC leverages expertise in advanced technologies, sales and trading, financial services brokerage operations and administration into innovative, cost effective solutions.

ZStrata and Light Fantastic Studios have collaborated to develop MarketFronts Real Estate, an innovative platform for property listing and broker management of Real Estate transactions.


These days some of our strategy partners are "knowledge aggregators" who help us to filter the blinding pace of technology advances ...

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Other specialized partner firms include:

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