Light Fantastic Studios creates innovative digital media brand solutions. Seasoned UX creatives with deep collective experience in social strategy, creative design and integrated media production, we craft brand stories that create new audience engagement. Beyond targeted content and social media influencers, we offer clients effective new channels in emerging media technologies that expand their audiences.


Some of our projects have been historic such as media for eSpeed in the original World Trade Center 1:


Digital media and creativity crafted together with mobile tools offers the ability to reach your audiences anywhere ...anytime. With social strategies and messages that attract and keep audience attention, Light Fantastic helps solve todays brand marketing issues. Branded games, educational entertainment, mobile media and IoT devices, smart social marketing and secure eCommerce. Compelling stories across multiple platforms will deliver the audience you are meant for.


You can't possibly find all of your audiences ...

... but the right tools can let them find YOU.

Consumers demand personal control over their media and will provide unprecedented feedback and brand loyalty ...if you let them.

If your brand doesn't connect with your audience, you lose them. We create engaging brand media that lets our clients Inform, Involve, Interact and Influence today's dynamic users.


Our strategic partnering with specialists has expanded mutual capabilities in responding to the tremendous challenge of both using social media effectively ... and mitigating threats and active media reputation management. Our services across Social Media content strategy and SEO/SEM reputational management technologies in tandem with active client public affairs makes this an important arena with a need for effective planning.


Take a look at our latest Brand success story ...PopCorners

To understand our experience, look at work across some key digital media specialties:

3D Animation
Interactive 3D
Digital Presentations
Advanced Media Technologies
Content Design & Integrated Media
Digital Meetings and Events
Trade Event & Exhibit Media

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